Treebuu facilitates the creation microforests to regenerate degraded ecosystems.


Lets create micro forests.
Lots of them.

Join the Treesavers Tribe and give something back to the Planet that nourishes you.

Treebuu brings together people and organizations that want to adopt microforests, with NGOs and communities which plant and restore forests to regenerate degraded ecosystems.  

Using a combination of innovative technology and hands-on, direct contact with communities and NGOs,  Treebuu aims to efficiently support and sustain conservation projects throughout the world.

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Join the Treesavers Tribe

Creating micro forests, among others, very important positive effects on biodiversity, water supply, carbon absorption, and sustainable commodity production.
Treebuu makes it easy for Individuals and Companies to adopt a microforest. On the other hand, we provide support and tools to Organisations and Reserves to help them cost-effectively manage their interaction with donors and (re)forestation projects.

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Every species on earth has a gift to give to the totality.
What is your gift to earth?


Plant microforests and use innovative ways to become a sustainable, purpose-driven company.

Organisations and Reserves

Treebuu helps NGOs and Reserves which plant microforests to efficiently receive donations, issue tree adoption certificates, and manage tree planting projects.


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