Treebuu connects people and non-profits

to efficiently support and sustain conservational projects. brings together companies and individuals who wish to participate in ecological regeneration; and selected organizations that actively participate in the increase of biodiversity through the conservation, preservation, regeneration or restoration of natural ecosystems, as well as scientific research and environmental education.


To this end, Treebuu provides a methodology and a platform, which includes processes and a transactional framework, to efficiently support and sustain conservation projects worldwide.


Treebuu is actively involved in the projects it supports, to ensure that the funds are applied with maximum efficiency and to ensure its long-term sustainability for future generations.

Treebuu is a not-for-profit association based in the Marina Alta region, Spain.


Many small Micro Forests can make a big difference

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people, companies and non-profits to Efficiently Support and sustain conservational projects throughout the world.


We efficiently and transparently manage the funds of individuals, institutions, companies and other entities, public or private, to achieve our mission.

Chlorostilbon gibsoni Red-billed Emerald

Our People

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Oscar Jareño

Vision and communication. Project Coordinator Marina Alta

Idoia Manrique

Idoia Manrique

Advisory matters (legal, financial, communication and metaphysical supporter.

Maarten van Wijck

Maarten van Wijck

Vision, Project Coordinator & web development

Treebuu Asociación
C.I.F. G01668011  
Camí Racona 4428
03728 Alcalalí (Alicante)


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