Create forests for a sustainable business

"Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven't done a thing. You are just talking."

Wangari Maathai

Make nature part of your business model

You know it. Your customers know it.

In todays´ world, Its time to get real and take action in the face of climate change. It’s time to step up, be transparent and make each company a motor that does good and makes the world a better place.

If you are reading this, it is very likely you run a business and you are interested in promoting reforestation projects. Treebuu invites you to take the lead and set environmental goals, incorporating reforestation in your business model. 

Selling your products or services is a fantastic and easy way to grow forests, restore ecosystems and create habitats for endangered species. 
Your business will benefit. The planet will benefit.   

So let's work together.

What your business can do

Donate to Treebuu

A donation can go a long way and is a great way to help our partners. 
Your business can also sponsor specific actiosn, such as creating environmental awareness, education programs, or specific events.

Support a specific project

Get involved directly in one of our projects by supporting it with your company. In exchange for your support, your business will receive direct feedback from the NGO we work with, and we will work towards establishing a true bond between your organization and the project so both can benefit. 

Include reforestation in your business transactions

Supporting reforestation with each single transaction is a powerful way to communicate your values to your customers as well as a fantastic way to add value to your products or services. Your business can donate to create a m2 of forest for each transaction, or donate a percentage of revenues or profits.

Create your company's  

Treebuu offers programs for companies that wish to create their own microforest. We can help to select the right location and partner and create a micoforest specifically for your business.

Create a unique experience

Lets work together on creating a unique experience for your customers, employees or providers, the possibilities are endless.

What we offer

Depending on your level of commitment, we offer a wide range of tools and resources which can help you to make your business more sustainable and let your customers know you are involved.

  • Inclusion of your brand in our webpage and communications

  • Mediakit with resources to communicate about your commitment

  • Treebuu Logo for your web and marketing material

  • Values alignment

  • Experience days for employees or customers

  • Solutions to lower your environmental impact and offset CO2 emissions.


We seek companies with aligned values

Partnering with Treebuu means committing to a sustainable way to contribute to the world. This means:

  • Respect the values of Treebuu

  • Be transparent about your carbon footprint and ready to take the challenge to reduce it or eliminate it

  • No direct involvement in activities which harm the environment

  • Incorporate reforestation in your companies´ goals and objectives. 

[image credit: Katty Ropero]​

Are you ready to join the tribe?

We are more than happy to talk about the possibilities to make reforestation part of your business. Contact us today.