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Why does offer to adopt Microforests or M2 in stead of trees?

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What is the negative carbon impact of each person annually?

In most developed countries, the average person creates 10-20 tons of carbon dioxide each year. That means each year, it takes 4-8 acres of trees to offset the carbon pollution from a single person in a developed country. That is a total of400 to 4,000 trees needed.

Including all countries in the world, the current average is 5 tons of carbon dioxide produced each year per person. Even at this smaller number, it takes 2 acres or 300 to 1,000 trees to offset the pollution of each person on earth...each year. 

Helping to do your part by offsetting your personal pollution truly makes a difference.

Where do you create conserve and conserve Forests?

We have a dedicated page on which you can learn more about the projects we support. Click here to read more this.

How can I be sure the forests won't be cut down or destroyed in the future?

The terrains and properties on which all forests that we create, directly or indirectly, are provided to us under contracts that range from 30 years to perpuity. This means that all are forests will exist at least for 30 years. 
Moreover, all our partners are bound by rules and contracts which guarantee us that a maximum of 20% of biomass is extracted from the forests, be it for production or maintenance. 
As a consequence, our forests will always have enough material to sustain themselves and effectively develop over several generations of trees. 
 We also point out that  a truly-effective conservation operation relies on educating the local community directly, and teaching them that conserving the forest is not only beneficial for the environment and habitats - it is beneficial for them as well.

This is because in many cases, the true cause of deforestation revolves around economic issues and poverty. Locals around the world illegally destroy forests as a way of survival. But through showing them innovative ways to plant and to create sustainable livelihoods, we can educate them on how the forest can provide resources for them.

In this way, we are able to treat the cause of deforestation and not just the symptoms.

How do I know my money is actually being used to create and conserve forests? 

Making sure your money is being used efficiently to create and conserve forests   is our number one priority and our reason for existence. As a non-profit organization, we have implemented a process which our partner organisations must follow. This control process includes several steps, among which the installation of  photo stations along forests and planting sites;  use of GPS coordinate tagging when taking pictures; use of drones to film fly-overs regularly. This allows us to see the precise location where the forests are being planted and the progress they make in their development.