Fund one or more m2 of forest

Are you an individual or family that cares for the environment? Every m2 counts, so whether you fund 1 m2 or 100 m2 it all makes a difference.

We match your donation with a conservation organization and you can be sure it will result in real native trees in the ground, in community-based and sustainable forest planting projects which have been audited by us.

Contact us via to find out more.

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Fund Microforests for a business or organization

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, by funding native forest planting projects.

All funders receive a personalised Treebuu Profile where your contribution is celebrated. 

Funding Microforests through Treebu will, first of all, make our planet greener. But it has so many benefits:

Engage your 

Give each employee a tree and let them become part of the company’s sustainability journey

Offset your ecological footprint

Improve your bottom line while offsetting your negative impact

Give unique rewards

Use trees for reward, engagement and employee loyalty programs

Get nature in you company

Get to know everything of every tree you plant, including the farmer and communicate this to inside your company.

Depending on your budget, needs and preferences, we bring you into contact with the organizations that plant trees and work on conservation of vulnerable species and ecosystems. And we make sure that the resources you provide are used optimally.

Join Treebuu for free and work with us on your corporate sustainability.


Join our network of ONGs and Reserves

We have direct contact with ONGs and communities in different countries and we understand their needs, we follow their processes of reforestation and caring and we provide them training and coaching to guarantee a sustainable future for them and for the forests which are adopted through Treebuu.

A simple, but thorough due diligence analysis will help you as an ONG to get ready for receiving donations.

Treebuu can help you to efficiently receive micropayments, manage the adoption process; issue tree adoption certificates, and manage your reforestation projects.

Start receiving forest-planting support by joining the Treebuu Network today.

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