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We are Treebuu.

Micro Forests are part of the solution for climate change and biodiversity conservation

We provide people, companies and projects an easy way to make a positive impact on nature, climate and biodiversity.  Treebuu connects them with Non-profits and reforestation projects to fund and sustain the creation of a network of Micro Forests around the globe.

By adopting Micro Forests and becoming a part of our global initiative, you help regenerate degraded ecosystems and make a lasting impact on the protection of biodiversity.

Micro Forest Reforestation projects

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Claiming back the autochthonous forest in the Urdaibai Biosphere


Undabaso is a future forest located in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve (Vizcaya). There, since 2008, the Lurgaia Foundation has been converting contiguous plots (through custody or land purchase agreements) that were mostly dedicated to the exploitation of pines and eucalyptus trees, to an area of ​​autochthonous forest without fragmentation which allows the development of the associated ecological processes.

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Protection and regeneration of the Tropical dry forest, Colombia.

Reserva Natural los Tananeos

Natural Reserve Los Tananeos is a protected area of 140 hectares in the department of Cesar, Colombia.
The Reserve is managed by the non-profit organization “Fundación Reserva Natural Los Tananeos”, whose main objective is the protection and conservation of the Tropical Dry Forest through environmental education, scientific research and ecotourism. The Reserve is looking for support to reforest a degraded area with autochthonous species.

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Creating a network of microforests in Alicante, Spain


Urvara is a seed project for the regeneration of arid and semi-desert territories in the Marina Alta region (North of Alicante) in collaboration with the local association Bosque Madre.
As a seed project, Urvara has set an easy achievable goal, starting off with the regeneration of a small plot of 400m2 in the town of Alcalalí where we will create the first micro-forest with your donation or participation.

4m2 is a Micro Forest

4m2 is our base unit of forest. A Micro Forest.
We measure our progress in m2 of forest, not in number of trees planted. 
We create reserves by combining many micro forests together. 

Micro-forests are created by planting native species very close together. They  grow 10 times faster than conventional forests, generate 100 times more diversity and store 40 times more carbon. Density is the key, with a wide variety of native species required to recreate the layers of a local and natural forest

Working this way illustrates what we value most:  
Biodiversity. The basis of all forests. 

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Adopt a Micro Forest today

Start making a difference right now.

Your participation will fund the restoration of soils, the planting of trees and help protect endangered species of flora and fauna. Together we replenish the biodiversity of our planet.

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