Our Story

Committed to put our grain of sand in reforesting the planet for future generations.

Founded in 2019, Treebuu has established as an entity with the mission to facilitate the planting of as many trees as possible to regenerate degraded ecosystems and reforest the planet.

We match individuals and corporations that want to get involved in tree planting, with NGOs, Reserves and Communities which live up to Treebuu’s values and criteria regarding Governance, Strategy, Finance, Operations, Community, Tree Planting practices and Social & Environmental impact.  

By doing this, we fill the gap between these tree planters and tree savers and make adopting trees an effective, efficient and sustainable means to support the reforestation of our beautiful planet.


We could write a thousand words or make any video we want, but Harrison Ford makes the statement very clear.

Nature doesn´t need us. We need nature.


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