Creating a refuge for endangered forest species

Pedreguer, Alicante (Spain)

Restoration of a degraded area and conversion in a Mediterranean Forest


m2  of Micro Forest

About the Organization

The Enrique Montoliu Foundation, based in the Valencian Community and known as FUNDEM, was established in 1996, as a private non-profit entity whose foundational purposes are the study, research, conservation, recovery and management of the natural and cultural heritage of the Mediterranean ecosystems.

The main objective of FUNDEM is to conserve our natural environment in a sustainable way, as well as to sensitize and involve civil society and above all, future generations in the conservation of natural heritage, thus ensuring its recovery and conservation.

The project

The project, located in the town of Pedreguer, covers an area of ​​27,000m2 and offers public access. This forest will be part of the Marina Alta micro-forest network.

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Mediterranean Forest

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Additional information

The Marina Alta, like so many other parts of the western Mediterranean, has suffered unplanned urban growth, the consequences of which have been disastrous for local ecosystems.
The possession of an area degraded by the abandonment of irrigated crops, in this case of mandarins, and the threat of speculation that looms over these lands are the main reason for the creation of this project.
The  idea is to cover the entire land with native and endemic forest species.


The main objective is to promote the biodiversity of the area by creating a refuge for endangered forest species. To achieve this final objective we have set ourselves a series of basic objectives:

  • Restore the land through works to improve the soil and plant forest species.

  • Restore irrigation ponds for use in plantation irrigation and as a water point for fauna, especially amphibians.

  •  Eradication of invasive exotic plants present in the field such as Lantana Cámara L. or Cortaderia Sealana.


  • We have the terrain prepared for creating the forest. The terrain is owned y Fundem

  • Financing by a major bank has been secured


The benefits if this meditteranean forest are:

  • Usage of the forest as a forest seed bank.

  • Recreation of a natural space that helps to cushion the harmful effects on the local landscape and urban development projects.

  • Creating a place of public access and enjoyment of nature.

Mediterranean Forest

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