Protection and regeneration of the Tropical dry forest, Colombia.

Valledupar (César, Colombia)

Reserva Natural los Tananeos


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About the Organization

Natural Reserve Los Tananeos is a protected area of 140 hectares in the department of Cesar, Colombia. Located in the foothills of the Serranía del Perijá, the Reserve provides a paradise of tranquility for the conservation of fauna and flora of the endangered Tropical Dry Forest ecosystem.

The Reserve is managed by the non-profit organization “Fundación Reserva Natural Los Tananeos”, whose main objective is the protection and conservation of the Tropical Dry Forest through environmental education, scientific research and ecotourism.

The project

Tropical Dry Forests are disappearing in the Serrania de Perijá. The Tropical Dry Forest is one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. According to the Humboldt Institute, in Colombia only 8% of the original extent of these forests remain due to intensive deforestation for agriculture, cattle farming, mining, urban development and tourism. The decay of this ecosystem has a disastrous effect on biodiversity and natural resources.

The majority of the deforested areas provide economic benefits for one, two or even three generations, but after a few decades, parts of the deforested areas erode and are transformed into deserts where the forest is not able to regenerate via secondary succession.

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Additional information

Since it´s inception,  the Reserve is directing efforts in restoring deforested land and degraded habitat, reconnecting previously fragmented forest patches within the Reserve using two techniques: Planting native and vulnerable tree species and applying assisted natural regeneration, which consists of removing threats to allow the forest to regenerate naturally.

To guarantee the survival of the planted and protected trees, they are cared for during the period in which they are most vulnerable, the first two years of their life.


  • Conserve, protect and increase local biodiversity

  • Contribute to the environmental awareness of local communities

  • Promote ecotourism in the region

  • Support the local economy

  • Foster research that promotes conservation


  • Endangered species such as the Tananeos tree (Peltogyne Purpurea) are recovering.

  • The new forest has stabilized the soil, protecting the watershed from erosion.

  • The forest sequesters more carbon than the previous pastures.

  • Soils are improving in structure and nutrients.

  • Tree planting is a key part of their education program.


  • The reforested lands become conservation areas of the Reserve, with which there is a guarantee that the planted trees remain protected during their life.

  • The reforested areas will also benefit from assisted natural regeneration, leading to a higher amount of trees per hectare and a greater impact on the recovery of the degraded areas.

  • By reforesting with native species, this project contributes to the regeneration of the Tropical Dry Forest in the region.

  • The Reserve is a wild refuge for many endangered species of fauna. By reforesting they contribute to increasing the surface of their habitat.

  • The Reserve offers plenty of opportunities for research of regional ecosystems.

  • Socio-economic benefits for local communities. The conservation of the tropical dry forest can create sustainable livelihoods for local communities through eco-tourism, especially bird tourism.

Reserva Natural los Tananeos

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