Creating a network of microforests in Alicante, Spain

Urvara: A microforest in a semi-desert area


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About the Organization

Treebuu, a non-profit association based in the Valencian Community, was established in 2020. Its main objective is to conserve our natural environment in a sustainable way, as well as to raise awareness and involve civil society and, above all, future generations in conservation. of the natural heritage, thus ensuring its recovery and conservation.
For the Urvara project, Treebuu works through the custody or purchase of land to create a distributed reserve of micro-forests.

The project

The objective is the reconstruction and regeneration of arid and semi-desert territories in the  region. These lands have been devastated by centuries of monoculture, drought and fire. We want to show the value of forest in comparison to other types of land management.

Our strategy is to create a network of micro-forests that, over time, will become a protected biosphere. We not only want to plant trees, our goal is to participate, consciously and effectively, in the regeneration of this territory. We want these soils to regain their health and fertility.

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Additional information

Our micro-forest design follows these simple criteria:

  • Autoctonous Biodiversity: Planting and sowing native trees, plants, shrubs and seeds

  • Soil Biofertility: Incorporation of minerals, nutrients and effective microorganisms in the soil.


The planting method is an innovative form of reforestation that we call Radical Reforestation and it is based on years of experience through the application and methodological study of various international experts such as Akira Miyawaki, Jairo Restrepo, Ernst Götsch, Masanobu Fukuoka and others.


✓ Maximize photosynthesis per square meter of soil with plants from all shrub strata

✓ Concentrate energy to efficiently generate biomass that provides the necessary fertilization for proper nutrition of the growing species.

✓ Promote the natural succession of both vegetation and soil biology.

✓ Accumulate organic matter from pruning and shredded weeds on-site to feed the microbiology, fungi, bacteria, worms and insects that sustain life.

✓ Cover the soil with dense vegetation cover and planting / sowing in high densities promoting a green meadow that prevents sunlight from reaching the ground.

✓ Preserve, protect and conserve soils, their salinity and water tables.

✓ In the Mediterranean climate, it is essential to carry out a correct management of rainwater, enhancing its collection, slowly redirecting it to prevent it from carrying organic matter

✓ A design that accelerates the establishment of forests that, naturally in a Mediterranean climate, could take 150 to 300 years to mature.


With a first seed forest successfully planted in 2020 in Alcalalí and the inclusion of a larger project supported by the Enrique Montoliu Foundation in Perdreguer in 2021, the Treebuu Association is expanding this project to different plots in the region that have suffered from uncontrolled urban growth. planned and agriculture based on monoculture and the abuse of pesticides.

During the pilot project we have successfully organized a few days of volunteering and collaborations with local organizations, which give us a very good perspective to expand the network of microforests in the region in the coming years.


  • Reforestation of semi-desert area

  • As a seed or pilot project, we will show feasibility and results to impulse the creation of a network of micro-forests in the area.

  • Forests are not only productive places but offer multiple ecosystem services to all life on earth, including us humans and also are places of gathering and social interaction

  • Each micro-forest is a cell of an interconnected system of which we are also part. Each micro-forest is a source of life.


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