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Undabaso is a future forest located in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve (Vizcaya). There, since 2008, the Lurgaia Foundation has been converting contiguous plots (through custody or land purchase agreements) that were mostly dedicated to the exploitation of pines and eucalyptus trees, to an area of ​​autochthonous forest without fragmentation which allows the development of the associated ecological processes.

Reserva Natural los Tananeos

Natural Reserve Los Tananeos is a protected area of 140 hectares in the department of Cesar, Colombia.
The Reserve is managed by the non-profit organization “Fundación Reserva Natural Los Tananeos”, whose main objective is the protection and conservation of the Tropical Dry Forest through environmental education, scientific research and ecotourism. The Reserve is looking for support to reforest a degraded area with autochthonous species.


Urvara is a network of micro-forests being created in the Marina Alta region, Alicante (Spain). As potential islets of biodiversity, small patches of forest can provide a number of critical ecosystem services for society.

Our approach is to integrate the recovery of biodiversity in the region with existing human activity through planting micro-forests both in agricultural plots and in gardens, parks, and land with different uses.

Each micro-forest acts a cell in an interconnected system of refuges and biodiversity corridors.

Treebuu Asociación
C.I.F. G01668011  
Camí Racona 4428
03728 Alcalalí (Alicante)


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