Can we plant trees making Music?

Help me supporting the creation of Micro-Forest in the Marina Alta, Spain Region.

Music for trees in Urvara

My dream is to plant trees through my music. My last music video has been the result of several months of work and voluntary collective creation of 23 musicians of different nationalities. The objective and interest has been to create a musical piece with a message that goes beyond the tangible, the fact of creating and working together from a physical distance, of playing and singing without seeing or meeting each other has been a totally new and very rewarding experience. If our music can plant a tree, our work is accomplished. The creation of a micro-forest synthesizes and represents this musical creation and relationship, a musical and cultural diversity connected by a common language, music and ecology. Check out my music video below and donate to Urvara to adopt a Micro Forest.

Donate and adopt a Micro Forest today 

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